Rice Germ Cream Cream

Inquiry: Which component of rice that makes face firming and also radiant?
Solution: It is the rice bacterium since there are plentiful minerals, unsaturated fat and vitamins particularly the natural vitamin E which is in high amount as Tocols (Tocopherol & Tocotrienol), Gamma-Qryzanol and also Ceramide. These compounds serve and valuable to human skin cells given that they assist safeguard the skin from being damaged by UVA and also UVB which are the source of melasma, blemish and skin cancer. They also assist protect and also decrease discomfort from a sunburn, nourish the skin with moisturizer, renew the skin and also decrease creases, fine line and also dryness.
Tocols: The all-natural vitamin E as Tocopherol and also Tocotrienol are very good for health considering that they are the anti-oxidant substances while totally free radicals are the primary root cause of cancer cells.

Gamma-Qryzanol: It is the energetic component in extra diet and also cosmetics. It could decrease cholesterol level, lower constriction of capillary, boost blood flow, heal the irregular signs of menopausal women, decrease stress and anxiety, function as anti-oxidant compounds, safeguard the skin from UV and nurture the skin with cream.

Qryza Ceramide: It is Sphingo lipids which are usually in the subcutaneous layer making the skin adaptable. If the quantity of Ceramide decreases, the skin will become completely dry and old and wrinkly. Thus, Ceramide needs to be constantly adequately added to body by absorbing or using cream to the skin.

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